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Portrait photo of the artist Christina Stevens

Let me introduce myself my name is Christina Stevens I am the artist behind HereNorThere.

I like to use lots of different artist disciplines’ and materials in my work. My degree was in three-dimensional design, when I started the course it was called 3D craft, which was the reason I chose it. The whole of the first year was based around exploring different materials – wood, metal, glass and ceramics (or any others we were interested in). Which is probably the reason I like to mix my materials so much, I use many artist techniques to achieve a mixture of results.

The artist themes

I like to explore themes in my art and you can see them running through lots of different areas of my work. some of these themes/influences include;

  • Organic curves & spirals like vines, twisted roots, tentacles, octopus etc.
  • Sea urchins & other shell-like forms.
  • Seed pods, nuts and shells.
  • Bugs and Beetles.
  • Surface textures, erosion, wear, weathering, rust and ageing.
  • Methods of joining, stitching, wrapping etc.
  • Hearts are a reoccurring theme.

Why am I called “HereNorThere”? Well, when I get asked “What is it that you do?” I always have to stop and think before I answer, I don’t know where to begin as there are so many different things create. “It’s neither here nor there” is a saying my Dad uses, meaning it is not one thing or the other, because I don’t do one thing I thought this would work well as my trading name.

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