Flying heart peacock detail

Flying Hearts

I do have a thing about hearts they appear many times in my work. My heart sculptures have mechanisms that make the wings flap and move. All those metaphors about love ‘taking flight’ is possibly a bit literal but its just a bit of fun! My flying hearts can get dark and weird then they become steampunk in style?

Flying heart Gallery

When I did the drawings for the first of these I had a song lyric stuck in my head; ‘make a little birdhouse in your soul.’ (‘Birdhouse in your soul’ by They Might Be Giants) then I made the first one, I even used the remains of an old nesting box from the apple tree in the garden. As you might notice I’m very into re-using, recycling and using found objects.

The back boards are interesting peace’s of wood, the body of the hearts are stoneware, and the wings are often made of a mixture of different things, including porcelain, feathers and thread. The mechanism that makes the wings flap is about as simple as you can get: pull the ribbon, the wing pivots ( like a sea-saw)  at the point were it enters the body.

There is a lot of work involved in putting one of these together, so I normally charge from £55 up for them.

2 responses to “Flying Hearts”
  1. Yvonne Adams

    I saw you at the Brauston Fair and really liked the silver star flying heart (also shown on your website) I couldn’t buy it straight away as I didn’t have enough money but you asked me to email and you would let me know how I could buy it.

  2. I will find out postage costs and let you know how much it will be in total to send to you.

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